Purchase and recollection of  metal scrap.

We can  dismount and destroy your production line without cost to our customers, we manage the scrap metal with the necessary equipment’s to deliver directly to the different factories that produce metal in the country. We classified the different types of materials always as scrap metal we don’t sell to the market as second parts, our product is transformed in high density bales ready to be  cast.

We make the recollection, purchase and classify of your materials from your productive process such as: cardboard, paper, plastics. Besides we take care of the management and disposal of trash in Landfills.

Paper Waste Recycling Mexico establish as a priority the excellence in the service join to good economic proposals for purchase your materials. We promise you that all the parts that goes out from your factory will be destroyed and send it to recycle the material.  We count with the special equipment and personal qualified to offer you the best manage and recycle of all your waste materials produced in your operative processes.