In 2005, in coordination with the Profepa, Semarnat and Queretaro State Government  was create the Institutions and Factories Cleaned Association in Queretaro  (IFCAQ), where we integrate the companies certified and not certified as state Clean Industries Querétaro, in order to create synergies and make the state of Queretaro No. 1 in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Recycling Benefits for every 100,000 tons of cardboard and paper are.
• We stop cut more than 1'500, 000.00 trees over than  25 years of life.
• We stopped cut 1150.00 hectares of forest.
• Saves  2.5 million cubic meters of drinking water that´s consumed annually by 13.900 families.
• Save 410 million KWH of electricity, which is equal to what 50,000 families consume annually.
• You stop sending 3,000 tons of solid waste or pollutant particles
• You stop sending cubic 142.857 meters of solid waste to landfills


Projects in which we participate