Scrap Metal Baler

We are producing scrap metal balers with a production capacity from 3 to 24 tons per hour. With a strength from 60 to 1,350 ton force.

We use the most modern hydraulic systems, controls by PLC and the best steel produced in Japan, Russia, and Sweden to made our cylinders anti-wear armor plates.

The design of our equipment’s are adaptable to your production and business requirements letting you that in a few months recover your inversion, we always have the best application recommendation for you  always having in mind your business expectations  and not in our sell expectations. The engineering of our balers have been developed through 25 years of experience making machines for the 5 continents with requirements different so that let us only offer solutions.

Contact us we are the best technical and commercial option to you, our prices will let you sleep quietly without the necessity to compromise your business for the desire to grow, we want to be part of your success.
We have Baler machines, shears, briquetting and vertical balers for Scrap metal and aluminum.