Paper and plastic balers

Machine’s Main Features:
This machine adapts to scraps, cartons, newspaper, PET bottles, plastic films, straws and other loose materials’ pressing;
This machine employs Taiwan original imported hydraulic systems, which are tested and set-up in Taiwan;
Well-designed double-cutting scissors, which improve paper cutting efficiency and prolong blades’ service life;
Exclusive auto-tier system increases speed of bale tying. The simple structure is optimum for less maintenance and easy cleaning;
Particular anti-slide design avoids the occurrence of trapezoid baler;
Adjustable bale length and accurate baling record;
Simple installation needs no special base;
Taiwan original imported oil cylinder makes sure machine’s stability and reliability;
Trouble automatically identified and demonstrated;
Employing differential technique, quick speed, high efficiency and saving power;
Trunnion-mounted main cylinder and ball-end joint designing avoid torque on rod of cylinder that will long seals’ life and less maintenance;
4-way free-floating chamber distributes presses automatically, which is perfect performance for frequent to change material;
The ram is processed by Plano-miller to make sure precision;
Circuit layout in accord with international standard, graphic operation instruction and detailed parts marking are very concise and easy to understand.

Papel y pet